Mobile Camp Changes Lives

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Mobile CampTo the Mobile Camp Staff:

I wanted to send you a note to update you on what has happened here at Realife Church since our Mobile Camp experience in July.

We have followed up with all of the kids that attended camp through cards and notes. Before Mobile Camp, even though we tried through many different outreach efforts, we were totally ineffective reaching the kids in our community. Your staff came to our community and talked to people, handed out flyers and turned up the excitement. We had more than FORTY KIDS here each day during camp and they cried on Friday when it came to an end.

Since that time we have started a youth ministry on Wednesday nights for kids from kindergarten through eighth grade. We have more than twenty kids showing up; many of them were part of Mobile Camp. The Mobile Camp experience has given us an opportunity to connect with kids, an opportunity that was just not available to us before. The Mobile Camp staff broke the ice with these kids and we are continuing to build relationships.

All of these kids are extremely disadvantaged for many different reasons; it is amazing to watch Hope come into their lives. We are teaching them to respect self and others, the importance of rules and why we follow them, what it means to care for others before our self and of course we teach about Jesus. We are making a difference in these kids’ lives, because you first stepped up and made a difference!

Thank you to everyone at Quakerdale and the Mobile Camp Team

May God Bless everything that you do!

-Pastor Dean Feltes, Real Life Church, Waterloo Iowa 2011

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