Peter: “I should have died”

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Peter was a rebellious child, rarely showing up for his high school classes and running around with a dangerous crowd.  Peter’s circumstances contributed to his rough lifestyle; every day he came home hoping to feel love and acceptance, but found something very different.

Parents are supposed to love and care for their children, but Peter’s parents weren’t able to do that.  Peter lived in a house full of drug addiction and abuse. After years of abuse at the hands of his parents, Peter stole a lot of money and tried to run away from his problems.

“I should have died,” Peter says now, “but I think God was watching over me the whole time.”

PeterAfter stealing the money, Peter was sent to a juvenile detention center, where he was incarcerated for several months.  Peter was moved from home to home until he came to Quakerdale to receive therapy and work through his past.

Peter has worked through his memories of abuse and neglect, and is learning how to make constructive decisions. At Quakerdale he learned the skills needed to live on his own. He has a job, attends school regularly and feels hopeful for his future.

“Without Quakerdale, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Serving kids like Peter is not just something nice that we do – it’s absolutely necessary.  Not every child has been given the love and support they need to become happy and productive adults, but every child deserves the opportunity to do so.

That is what Quakerdale is about.  We meet kids’ needs and provide them with the environment to make life changes that will benefit them and their futures.

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