A Letter from Nikki

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I first stepped foot at the Promise Home in Marshalltown with my twin sister in 2007. I didn’t know what to expect. My mom’s rheumatoid arthritis had gotten so severe that she had to move to the nursing home, my dad was in prison, and my grandmother couldn’t take care of us due to financial constraints. At 16, I was frightened that my sister and I would be placed in the foster care system and separated. She was all I had left. When we were just about to give up, my mother discovered Quakerdale’s Promise Home.


Although my sister and I had been very blessed to have a loving mother and grandmother, we had never experienced a stable family unit. Our house parents immediately welcomed us along with many other children. At first, I was angry and defiant due to the turmoil of my past life. I had experienced so much pain and abuse that didn’t know how to cope with my emotions. Yet regardless of my behavior, they listened and loved me.

As time continued I slowly learned how to express my emotions, explore who I was, and build a lasting relationship with Jesus. I gave my life to Christ at Quakerdale and started walking the path He laid out for me.

Quakerdale helped nurture what my mom and grandmother had been teaching me. The Promise Home validated God’s higher purpose for me. Thank you for being there for my sister and me. – Nikki

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