Beginning a new year and reflecting on the past!

Today I received a letter from a former employee of Quakerdale.   In the context of the letter he mentioned the value of Quakerdale to the kids that he served in his tenure.  I can attest that when people know you are from Quakerdale they come and they tell you how their life was impacted by it.  Maybe personally or a family member or friend who made important changes in their life.   They received the things they needed to “become.”

I’ve had people on the street, at conferences, in campgrounds and through social media share their stories of growth.  It is inspiring!

How great it is to be a part of a place that helps people “become.”

As 2017 is about to begin  Quakerdale is seeing sweeping changes.  Are they changes we want?  Usually not, because we like good things to stay just like they are!

The nature of things is to change.  We must stretch beyond the comfort of where we are today in order to meet the calling of God for us tomorrow.

It is a bittersweet activity!

Today I reflect on the people we have interacted with for decades and I celebrate them!

  • I revel in their “good”ness for children!  I think of the miracles we have witnessed in lives changed.
  • I ponder how many generations of children and children’s children have been impacted by the changed lives through Quakerdale.
  • I celebrate the super individuals who have shared their lives by working at Quakerdale with our kids.
  • I consider how our workers made our world better.  How they made me better!

Let us celebrate what was and move forward into what will be in 2107 and never forget to share the good news of how Quakerdale has made a difference!  Even better let’s look forward with anticipation how God will  work through us in the years and decades to come!

Have a Merry Christmas and a great 2017 and I hope you will keep Quakerdale in your prayers!  God is doing a great work here!

In Christ,

Robert C. Talbot

Executive Director

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