Ivan Illich, the Austrian philosopher was once asked, ‘What’s the most powerful way to change society?’ He said, ‘Not revolution. Not reformation. Rather, tell the world a story so persuasive that it sweeps away the old myths, and becomes the preferred story.’”


Storytelling is at the heart of all I do here at Josiah White’s Quakerdale Foundation. Storytelling was also at the heart of Jesus’ earthly ministry. There are two essential tools I use to create my stories:

  1. Feature, Benefit, and Result, and
  2. Storytelling For Trust, Truth, and Profit

I use Feature, Benefit, Result to help me identify the heart of the story I want to tell. I use Storytelling For Trust, Truth, and Profit to help me craft that story. If you would like to learn how to share your message in a way that “sweeps away the old myths” and replaces them with a preferred future, learn …

How to Become a Great Storyteller

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Join me in becoming a great storyteller!

Together we can sweep away myths …
and replace them with a PREFERRED FUTURE.

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