Spring 2020 Campaign: The Last Three Days

Spring 2020 Grant Recipient Bonus Award Campaign

Victor LATEIt has been amazing how Josiah White’s Quakerdale Foundation is opening Bonding With Children Foundation’s eyes on fundraising ! They train us from time to timeĀ on our relationship with donors and strategies to encourage those who believe in our mission to invest in the organization. They lift Bonding With Children Foundation up with new hope to access funds that are needed for upcoming projects.

In order for Josiah White’s Quakerdale Foundation to continue doing their tremendous work and reach out to other nonprofit organizations, I strongly recommend that you give them support.

Helping JW’s Quakerdale Foundation means helping our communities!

*** Invest in Our Mission ***

— (https://quakerdalefoundation.org/invest/)


— Make a gift of any size to our Spring 2020 Campaign

— (https://www.classy.org/give/278022/#!/donation/checkout) #JWQFSpring2020

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