That’s How God Is!

by Daniel L. Smith, Director of Development
Josiah White’s Quakerdale Foundation

January 1, 2018 Josiah White’s Quakerdale Foundation began serving by providing facilities, awarding grants, developing leaders, and providing nonprofits with training in fundraising and communication. Instead of doing the services we had provided for the past 160 years plus, we are now supporting nonprofits in their efforts to fulfill their call to “Serve as Christ Serves.” Proving Facilities is one of our most important functions.

Today the cost of building and maintaining a ministry space can be very prohibitive. For many nonprofits the costs associated with the ‘where they do ministry’ can be more than they spend ‘doing ministry’. That’s where our facilities come in. Our campuses in Waterloo, Manning, New Providence, and two in Marshalltown allow us to create spaces for our ministry partners to serve people without them being subservient to the place in which they serve.


We own all our buildings and properties outright. This allows us to use our fundraising to maintain our facilities instead of relying totally on lease fees. That means that we have the option to offer the use of these spaces on a sliding scale. Leases can start out at a fraction of the normal cost at the beginning and then grow as the ministry partner’s ability to pay grows.

“When I first moved here I was receiving grant funding that helped me pay the amount. With their help I don’t have to worry about packing up and leaving. It’s been a blessing that they have been flexible to help out like that.”

I asked one of our ministry partners the other day the impact moving their ministry to our campus has had on them. Here is what they said,

“When I moved over here, the stress of dealing with difficulties went away. It was just God’s timing that the things happened because there was no other place that I could have served. The move has served the community well. This is more of a centralized location, and we have more adequate space.”

Our facilities have become more than a place to do ministry, they have become home.

“The campus has become my home. My heart is there. If I had to move from Quakerdale it would be such a big loss to my soul. There is no place else that I would want to be.”

God has provided us places for others to do ministry. He gave our ministry partners the ability to help and heal. And He has blessed people like YOU with the means to help us with the funding we need so we can continue to maintain, modify, and at times expand our facilities without placing the burden on our leasees.

That’s How God Is

(NOTE: All comments are from an interview with Felicia Carter, Executive Director, Center for Attention, Waterloo, Iowa.)

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