“So That All May Be Served” Fundraising Campaign


December 5, 2019


Beth Andrew
Executive Director
Quakerdale Family Services
(641) 752-3912

Quakerdale Family Services to Launch “So That All May Be Served” Fundraising Campaign

(Marshalltown, IA) – “So That All May Be Served” is the theme for Quakerdale Family Services’ 2019 Hope Fund fundraising campaign. The event will kick off on Wednesday, December 5 and conclude at midnight on Monday, December 31. The goal is to raise $5,000 to help provide supplemental funding for families who cannot afford the services they need.

Quakerdale Family Services’ mission is to encourage “… hope, faith, and growth in the families and communities we serve.” Unfortunately, there are times when families needing assistance do not have the resources necessary to pay for services.

We have established the Hope Fund
“So That All May Be Served”

Quakerdale Family Services believes that money should never stand in the way of anyone getting the help they need to build a better life. The Hope Fund provides funding for qualified families to help supplement their ability to pay in part or in whole. The following are ways you can get involved and make a difference in the lives of those needing a helping hand toward healing. Continue reading ““So That All May Be Served” Fundraising Campaign”

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Grandpa’s Vineyard of Remembrance

One day as a farmer finished planting his crops, he sat on the back steps to take his boots off before going inside and began to think about his parents and grandparents and all they had done for him growing up. The thought came to him to do something special to honor them. He remembered that his grandmother had always talked about how she would have loved to have had a small vineyard at the back of the yard where she could see it out the kitchen window as she worked at the sink.

The next day he decided to plant six grape vines at the edge of the yard between his house and his fields, so they could be seen out the kitchen window. He planted one in honor of his dad, another in honor of his mom, and four more in honor of his grandparents. In front of each vine he posted a plaque with the names of each parent, one for LeRoi, one for Marge, one for Henry, one for Doris, and one each for Allen and Mary Ellenore.

At Thanksgiving, when all the family gathered together for their traditional holiday celebration, a couple of his grandchildren went out to play in the back yard and noticed the new vines and the plaques beside them. When they went back inside they asked their grandfather, “Grandpa, what are those plants out back and who are LeRoi, Marge, Henry, Doris, Allen, and Mary Ellenore?” “The plants are grape vines” he told them, “I planted one for each of my parents and grandparents.” Continue reading “Grandpa’s Vineyard of Remembrance”

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Ivan Illich, the Austrian philosopher was once asked, ‘What’s the most powerful way to change society?’ He said, ‘Not revolution. Not reformation. Rather, tell the world a story so persuasive that it sweeps away the old myths, and becomes the preferred story.’”


Storytelling is at the heart of all I do here at Josiah White’s Quakerdale Foundation. Storytelling was also at the heart of Jesus’ earthly ministry. There are two essential tools I use to create my stories:

  1. Feature, Benefit, and Result, and
  2. Storytelling For Trust, Truth, and Profit

I use Feature, Benefit, Result to help me identify the heart of the story I want to tell. I use Storytelling For Trust, Truth, and Profit to help me craft that story. If you would like to learn how to share your message in a way that “sweeps away the old myths” and replaces them with a preferred future, learn …

How to Become a Great Storyteller

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Join me in becoming a great storyteller!

Together we can sweep away myths …
and replace them with a PREFERRED FUTURE.

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Women’s Conference to Support Quakerdale Family Services

Strength, Truth & Destination
Women’s Conference

Lost Hope? — Lost Faith?
Overcome by Fear?

Feel Lost and Unloved? — Don’t Feel Accepted?

Come hear the story of how one woman faced adversity
and, through it, found purpose in life’s journey.

YOU are NOT alone.

Join other women just like you for an evening
filled with incredible stories, laughter, and dinner.

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