Last summer (2019) I turned 62. SIXTY-TWO. How did that happen? That’s how old retired people are!

As I was relaxing on the beach at Big Larch Campground in Seeley Lake, Montana I began to think about all the things God has allowed me to be a part of. It wasn’t hard to see how His hand was involved in each assignment and how He allowed me the privilege of participating in His purposes.

That’s when it hit me … 

Big Larch Campground, Seeley Lake, Montana
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Fall/Winter 2020 Campaign Summary

by Daniel L. Smith, Director of Development

From October 1 through December 31, 2020 the Foundation was actively involved in facilitating three online fundraising campaigns, two for our ministry partners and one for ourselves. We assisted Bonding With Children with a Giving Tuesday campaign, Hope4Healing with their Disaster Relief Fund campaign, and our own campaign also contributed to the Hope4Healing Disaster Relief Fund. Here are the results:

  • Bonding With Children received four (4) donations totaling $131.25
  • Hope4Healing received six (6) donations totaling $908.00
  • The Foundation received 19 donations totaling $5,696.25 
  • For a Grand Total of 29 donations totaling  $6,735.50
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Mining Nuggets of Gold

KEN: “Hey, Dan. How’s it going today?”

DAN: “I don’t get it. Sometimes ideas come to me so fast I can’t remember them all. At other times, like today, it seems like the well is empty and there are no more new ideas. To make matters worse many times when I try to incorporate a new idea it puts me behind schedule.”

Sound Familiar?

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… to do something GREAT!

Lance Horbach, Co-Chair, Lennox/Quakerdale ProAm Invitational Golf Tournament“I’ve been involved in raising funds for the Quakerdale ministries for over a decade. As Co-Chair of the Lennox-Quakerdale Pro-Am golf tournament I am consistently amazed when I see a full slate of participants every year, and the vast majority participate year after year. Yes, the golf is enjoyable, but the foundation of our success for this event is the annual heart-felt passion and satisfaction each golfer treasures knowing their donation is going specifically to help children and families in the Quakerdale ministries.

Donate today, and find peace knowing ‘someone’s tomorrow’ will be better because of you.”


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