Spring 2020 Campaign: Invest In Our Mission

Financially there are two ways to Invest In Our Mission: Annual Giving and Legacy Building


Annual giving can either be a single one-time contribution or it can be a gift that recurs monthly, quarterly, or annually. These gifts are placed where needed most and generally are added to our endowment. The investment income generated from our endowment is then awarded as grants to ministry applicants.

Campaigns are also used throughout the year to raise funds for special projects. Theses funds are earmarked for a specific purpose.

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Spring 2020 Campaign: Join Our Team

In addition to our staff and board members, the team at Josiah White’s Quakerdale Foundation is made up of people just like YOU, Team Members who give of their time, talents, and treasurer to help fulfill the mission of the Quakerdale Foundation or one of our ministry partners as:

A Prayer Partner… Team Members who believe that prayer provides the relational connection between God and His people. They have joined the our Team by subscribing to our JWQF Prayer Partner list. When a weekly ‘Prayer and Praise’ email comes to their inbox, they make time to thank God for the things we celebrate, and petition Him for the needs of those we serve.

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Spring 2020 Campaign: What We Do

We encourage, empower, and support the work of our ministry partners by: Providing Facilities, Awarding Grants, Training staff and volunteers in communication and fundraising, and Growing Dynamic Leaders.

  Instead of looking inward to operate our own services for children and families we are expanding our reach to look outward and come along side hundreds of other ministries, churches, and communities.  We are strategically designed to join with and support Christian organizations and churches that are already helping people effectively!

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Spring 2020 Campaign: Who We Are

Josiah White’s Quakerdale Foundation (JWQF) was founded in 2018. We are a group of faith driven, community focused, men and women seeking to impact our world for the gospel by serving as Christ serves. God uses the hearts of His people to drive the vision of their work. He has placed people at Josiah White’s Quakerdale Foundation who are:

CHRIST FOCUSED. Their primary goal is to bring glory to Christ and His Kingdom.

MINISTRY MINDED. They are most concerned about meeting the needs of those they serve, no matter what the personal cost.

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