Profile: Robert C. Talbot


It is a pleasure and honor to be a member of the Josiah White’s Quakerdale Foundation Team!

I entered the helping professions field through the field of Psychology and it was my desire to understand how my Judeo Christian Spiritual and Theological concerns integrated with Psychology and how the brain works. For that reason I matriculated at Anderson University and Trinity International University for my bachelors and masters degrees. There I learned extensively about Psychology and Christian Theology/Bible. Upon starting my training I originally aspired to help people in ministry (mostly pastors) to find more success as well as support them through spiritual and psychological help, but it seemed I was guided in a different direction.

Through no plans of my own I ended up in the field of children’s programs because my college work study was at a Children’s program eloquently named: The Boys Residential Unit (The BRU) of Madison County, Indiana. Other than 5 years during my bachelor’s and master’s programs I found myself in administration, program research and design for children’s treatment programs. I was honored to start a Transitional Living Program for teens in Indiana when that kind service was new in the early 90’s and then found myself directing a multi state Church affiliated Children’s non profit organization for almost a decade. I then directed a national consortium of children’s agencies and had my own business as a national consultant from 2003 through 2007. I was asked to help Quakerdale become independent of government funding back in 2008 as their executive director.

The process of moving Quakerdale, a then 165 year old organization, to no longer having dependence on state funding began January 1, 2008. Quakerdale had always worked hand in glove with the state and received state funding in one way or another. As the state went through their changes Quakerdale did less and less state funded programs and we started our own until 2018 when the foundation was started as well as all the programs of Quakerdale became their own entities. I was privileged to organize and orchestrate this process, which was the final step in completely eliminating state funding.

When the foundation began in 2018 I had the opportunity to be a bi-vocational employee staying as the executive director and doing executive coaching for the foundation while also operating my own business helping families and small business owners with financial strategies. I feel blessed to do both these tasks and enjoy seeing the good things that the foundation does for others while I also get to change the lives of families through financial success strategies.

My wife Jennifer and I were married in 1990 and we have 6 children. Three of our children are adults and three are in high school.

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