The Team @ JWQF

Josiah White’s Quakerdale Foundation was founded in 2018. We are a group of faith driven, community focused, men and women seeking to impact our world for the gospel by serving as Christ serves.


Robert C. Talbot
Executive Director


Beth Nederhoff
Development Specialist


Daniel L. Smith
Director of Development



NANCY Schornack I have served on the board of Quakerdale, and now Quakerdale Foundation for several years. This is a “full circle” experience for me given that I spent all of my growing up years at Quakerdale. My dad, Morris Whitehead, was the executive director of Quakerdale from 1963-1990. My mom, Jane Whitehead, served faithfully in many capacities, bringing her own gifts to offer administrative and fundraising support. I grew up with a front row seat to the ministry and impact of Quakerdale, and I care about it’s mission deeply still today. Now, Quakerdale has moved from a direct service organization to a Foundation that provides funding and resources to various organizations who serve kids and families. I am grateful and privileged to be a part of the Foundation board to carry on the mission of “serving as Christ serves” to those in need.

NANCY Stevens I grew up in the big farmhouse that was on Quakerdale because my father, Lawrence Tatum, was the Farm Manager. At that time the residential hall was home to only boys. These young men went to church and school with us. They also helped dad with the milking. They were an integral part of my family’s life and community. We could see how hope and security helped them grow.

PAT Brainard I believe in the mission of Josiah White’s Quakerdale Foundation. I believe in the agencies we support financially and their ministry helping children and families. Extra blessing during this extra-challenging time.

RANDY Kernen It is the right thing to do.

WES Blanchard I have been on the Board of Trustees the last few years. Prior to that, even in my junior high & high school years, I have been impressed with the ministry of Quakerdale and those affiliated with their work.

Lennox/Quakerdale Invitational Pro-Am Golf Tournament Committee

LANCE Horbach, Committee Co-ChairI’ve been involved in raising funds for the Quakerdale ministries for over a decade. As Co-Chair of the Lennox-Quakerdale Invitational Pro-Am Golf Tournament I am consistently amazed when I see a full slate of participants every year, and the vast majority participate year after year. Yes, the golf is enjoyable, but the foundation of our success for this event is the annual heart-felt passion and satisfaction each golfer treasures knowing their donation is going specifically to help children and families in the Quakerdale ministries. Donate today, and find peace knowing “someone’s tomorrow” will be better because of you.

LEE Eft, Committee Co-Chair“I’ve been involved with the Quakerdale organization in my role as co-general chairman of the annual Lennox / Quakerdale Pro Am golf tournament now for going on 25 years. We work hard to raise funds annually through this event to support all the ministries that Quakerdale is involved. The current Spring 2020 fundraising campaign to raise matching funds for Grant Recipients is another great way that you can contribute to the work that Quakerdale does throughout the year. Please consider a contribution for this very worthy cause.”

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