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Serving as Christ Serves

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Encouraging, empowering, and supporting children and families.

Founded in 2018, Josiah White’s Quakerdale Foundation is a nonprofit that is faith-driven and community-focused, seeking to impact our world for the gospel by serving as Christ serves. Our foundation provides grants and consultation assistance to nonprofits that support children and families.

  • To encourage hope, faith, and growth in families and communities.
  • To serve as Christ serves.
  • Faith: God provides direction through prayer, scriptures, and godly counsel, and we trust God to supply the resources to carry out His instruction.
  • Ministry: We enlist, enable, and empower everyone to make an impact through their personal gifts, talents, interests, skills, and resources.
  • Community: Ministries are strengthened and communities are uplifted through our work.
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Our Team

Robert C. Talbot
Executive Director
Beth Nederhoff
Development Specialist
Daniel L. Smith
Director of Development
Board Members

Parke Adamson
Nancy Schornack
Nancy Stevens
Scott Biddle
Wes Blanchard
Randy Kernen
John Rains

Our History

Josiah White was a Quaker philanthropist from Philadelphia. In his last will and testament, he gave a portion of his estate to the Indiana and soon-to-be-formed Iowa Yearly Meetings of Friends with the goal of teaching “orphaned children good work skills and the Christian practices of the Quaker faith.” This work continued from 1851 until 2017 in various forms and under several names, but the goal was always the same: serving children and families in the name of Jesus Christ.

2017 brought to the forefront the changing political and social pressures the ministry was facing due to state funding, resulting in growing misalignment with the mission and values of Josiah White. Thus, in 2018, the Quakerdale Foundation was formed as a means to continue the work according to Josiah White’s vision. Since its inception, the foundation has continued to serve children and families by empowering exceptional organizations with a spiritual component through grants, facilities, executive and board consultation, and fundraising/marketing training.

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