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God placed in all of us the desire to give. And when we give it brings with it a feeling of accomplishment like none other. We can cultivate our generosity through planned giving and, in so doing, Leave A Legacy. So what can generosity look like in your life?


Leave a legacy to your faith by including the ministries you love in your will. Support for church and charitable causes is a natural part of life for those who believe in the biblical concept of stewardship. A bequest plan can help you witness to your faith even after your death and may also help you reduce estate and inheritance taxes … READ MORE

A will is one of the basic tools for Leaving A Legacy through a bequest. Here’s a resource on how to create a will.


Annuities allow you to make a gift to a charity AND get a lifetime of income in retirement.



For decades gracious donors have relied on the trusted help of organizations like Everence and the Mennonite Foundation.

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