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Interview with Ray Chobanian, Owner of Prestige Digital Marketing Agency. In this interview we discuss Search Engine Optimization, or SEO:

— What it is,
— Why you want to work on your SEO,
— Some things you can focus on to improve SEO ranking, and
— How to hire a professional agency and track results.

Recorded on August 23, 2023. Originally published on Monday, September 11, 2023.

Table of Contents

00:53 Interview Begins
01:10 What is SEO?
03:05 Why is SEO important?
04:28 Is SEO something I can learn to do myself?
05:15 How much time do I need to set aside to learn SEO?
07:23 How can I track the results of my work?
10:10 Can I hire Prestige Digital Marketing to do this for me?
11:36 Final comments

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