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2024 PIM Video

Brains and Bibles: Dedicated to strengthening and equipping churches for ministry (S4,E02)

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Introductory Interview with Joel Willoughby, Brains and Bibles.

This is an introductory interview with Joel Willoughby. Joel is the Executive Director of Brains and Bibles in Ankeny, Iowa.

In today’s interview we are going to:
— Learn about the ministry of Brains and Bibles, and
— Explore ways you can connect with their ministry.

Recorded on Friday, March 15, 2024. Originally published on Tuesday, April 16, 2024.

Video Table of Contents:
00:48 Interview Begins
00:55 Brief history of Brains and Bibles
02:50 Joel’s journey to Executive Director
06:55 What does your program look like?
09:28 What kinds of transformations are you seeing through your ministry?
12:36 What does follow up look like?
14:40 How are you funded?
15:50 Final remarks

Brains and Bibles Links:
— Learn More at:
Contact Joel
— — by Email:
— — by Phone: (515) 669-4427
Social Media:
— — Facebook:
— — YouTube Channel:
— Newsletter:
— Donate to Brains and Bibles:

The Quakerdale Foundation:
— Learn More at:
— Invest in Our Mission:
— Subscribe to Our Newsletter:
— Send an Email:
— Phone: (641) 497-5294 x301

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