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Interview with Marty Mitchell, past client of Quakerdale Family Services.

In this interview we are going to:

  • Hear about a challenging time he went through a few years back,
  • How working with Quakerdale Family Services helped, and
  • What advice he would give to someone going through something similar.

Recorded on Monday, May 22, 2023. Originally Broadcast on Monday, June 5, 2023

Table of Contents:

  • 00:45 Interview Begins
  • 01:00 The Challenge
  • 02:20 How Did You Hear About Quakerdale Family Services (QFS)
  • 03:30 What Changes Did You Begin to See as You Worked with QFS
  • 07:25 How Would You Describe Things Now
  • 09:15 What Advice Would You Give to Those Listening that are Going Through Something Similar
  • 10:25 Closing Comments

Quakerdale Family Services:

The Quakerdale Foundation:

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