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Interview with Lyle Miller, Steward Consultant for Everence Financial.

In this interview we are going to discuss Charitable Remainder Trusts:

  • What are they,
  • What do they do,
  • Who would benefit from one, and more

Recorded on June 21, 2023. Originally published on Monday, July 25, 2023.

Table of Contents:

00:45 Interview Begins

01:00 What is a trust?

01:25 How is a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) different?

02:55 How a trust works from beginning to end

05:15 Example of how a trust works

11:10 Charitable Gift Annuity vs. CRT

11:55 Who would benefit from establishing a CRT

14:30 Is there anyone that should avoid a CRT

16:00 What is the first step is starting a CRT

19:05 Final thoughts


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