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Interview with Dr. Cynthia Knight, CEO and Director of Jordahl Academy & Choice Charter School.

In this interview we will discuss:

— The educational voucher system in Iowa,
— Charter schools, and
— School of Choice

Recorded on October 9, 2023. Originally published on Tuesday, October 31, 2023.

Table of Contents

00:46 Interview Begins
01:02 Iowa voucher system
02:00 Impact of the voucher system
04:40 First step to learn more about vouchers
06:00 What is “School of Choice?”
07:00 What are Charter Schools?
12:05 The challenge of transportation
13:15 Home school response to Charter Schools

14:30 Charter School curriculum
15:06 Types of students that thrive at Charter Schools
19:28 Types of students that thrive better in public or private schools
21:00 Final Comments

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