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2024 PIM Video

Unveiling Fellowship Housing: 30 Years of Impact (S4E10)

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Unveiling Fellowship Housing: 30 Years of Impact (S4E10)

Discover the story behind Fellowship Housing with Executive Director Pamela Orr. From its humble beginnings in 1991, this organization has been making a difference in Huffman State, Illinois. Stay tuned for more insights and make sure to hit that subscribe button!

Recorded on Thursday, May 30, 2024. Originally published on Tuesday, June 11, 2024.

Video Table of Contents:
00:17 Interview begins
00:20 History of Fellowship Housing
02:12 Key experiences that prepared you to become the Executive Director
06:20 Impact of the community on Fellowship Housing and Fellowship Housing on the community
10:20 How do people find out about you?
11:42 The transformational journey at Fellowship Housing
16:10 How to get involved
18:32 Final comments

Fellowship Housing Links:
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— 2023 Annual Report:

Contact Mrs. Orr
— — by Email:
— — by Phone: (847) 380-4921

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— Phone: (641) 497-5294 x301

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