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2024 PIM Video

Non-Profit vs. For-Profit: Which is More Cost-Effective? (S4E11)

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Non-Profit vs. For-Profit: Which is More Cost-Effective? (S4E11)

Wondering if a non-profit or for-profit business is more cost-effective? In this video, we’ll compare the two and discuss their impact on serving our community plus much more valuable information! You won’t want to miss this one!

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Recorded on June 10, 2024. Originally published on Tuesday, June  18, 2024.

Table of Contents
00:17 Interview begins
00:31 The cost effectiveness of a non-profit (NPO) vs. for-profit organization (FPO)
00:42 Funding categories of a NPO
02:25 Facilities and overhead
04:55 Marketing/Publicity/Promotion
06:17 Supplies and materials
07:48 Staffing
09:28 Cost to clients/those being served
13:02 Why did you become an NPO instead of an FPO?
14:31 Final Comments

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